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The Averroes Environment is first a foremost attempts to mirror acts of prophetic moral and ethical teachings.  We provide a space where Muslims and people of faith can come together in a safe space and feel confident in their belief in God and that their practices.  Averroes High School aims to develop a sound learning environment for our students through the following five components: Islamic Compass, Social Emotional Learning, Restorative Justice, Parent Education Training, and Constructive Learning Environment.

To support a healthy school environment, a four-year social emotional learning (SEL) program is in place to address the personal, social, and academic needs. The program addresses developmentally appropriate topics at every grade level that provides students the opportunity for optimum development. A certified behavioral therapist provides daily small-group structured sessions, one-to one academic and social counseling sessions to students and classroom observations. The therapist also provides consultation to teachers, administrators and parents concerning student behavior.

At Averroes High School, the four- year enrichment program is based on a holistic social justice curriculum which integrates key concepts through experiential learning. The purpose of the social justice curriculum is to instill the realization of their potential in the society where they live. The Seminars, service learning, and travel are three key components of the program and are interlinked with a theme assigned for each grade level.