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Service Learning

Service Learning

Averroes High School is committed to our students having an enriching service learning experience and thus we have integrated it into our core curriculum.

What is service learning?

Service learning involves students in community service activities and applies the experience to personal and academic development.Our students work with organizations throughout the Bay Area in environmental, humanitarian, and policy/advocacy positions to truly grasp what these ideas mean and how they are executed in the field.  These themes not only guide our service learning placement, but the entire grade’s curriculum.

Starting in the spring trimester, students are off every Wednesday to gain valuable experience outside the classroom. Students are required to report to their designated location for a minimum of 4 hours each week.  Students are required to check in with their lead contact and perform their duties to the best of their ability.  Families  play an important role in that they are responsible for taking students to and from their site and also encourage our families to get involved!

During this time, seniors are placed at an internship of their career choice.  This allows for them to get great hands on experience before they embark on their paths to college.  Some examples of the fields our seniors have interned include medicine, non-profit organizations, the sciences, fitness, and much more.