Financial Aid

Averroes High School believes a student who is dedicated and driven to learn will receive a meaningful learning experience and will posses the attributes needed to be successful throughout their life. An education should be accessible to all regardless of religion, ethnic, or socioeconomic background.

Averroes High School is committed to ensuring that the education remains accessible to qualified students regardless of their economic circumstances. We provide financial aid on the basis of demonstrated need and the financial situation of the school. Financial aid decisions are made in collaboration and agreement between the school and the parents and is independent from the admissions decisions and in no way affect a candidate’s chances for admission.

Financial Assistance

Parents who do not qualify for financial aid, yet still need financial assistance, are encouraged to try different fundraising methods to help cover tuition costs. Averroes High School will provide a document, which suggests a variety of ways for raising the money independently.

Parents can also potentially offer their services for tuition payment. For example, a qualified parent can offer their skills such IT consulting, administrative work, transportation services, etc.

Who can apply?

Eligible students will be offered a tuition – reduction, based on income, family size, and personal situations.

To Apply

Complete a Tuition reduction Form, which will be available after student acceptance into Averroes High School

Turn in a copy of the W-2 form for each parent (if applicable)

Apply Now