Careers at Averroes

Averroes High School is dedicated to becoming a leader in secondary education. We offer competitive compensation packages which include professional development and encourage all educators who are passionate about our vision to apply below.

Humanities Instructor

Averroes High School is looking for talented and experienced multi-subject credentialed teachers! Applicants must have experience with the youth and love being a teacher, mentor, and role-model with a minimal of 3 years of teaching experience and a willingness to work in teams and as a co-teacher.

To create and manage a caring, supportive, purposeful and stimulating environment which is conducive to students’ learning.

To plan and prepare lessons in order to deliver the National Curriculum ensuring breadth and balance in all subjects.

To incorporate (and familiarize yourself with) new, progressive, and proven methodologies into teaching and delivery of curriculum.

To fully engage in all teacher training and implement what the team agrees on using as its main methodology of teaching for the students – even if that is not what you are “used to”.

To identify clear teaching objectives and learning outcomes, with appropriate challenge and high expectations.

To maintain good order and discipline among the pupils, safeguarding their health and safety.

To organise and manage groups or individual pupils ensuring differentiation of learning needs, reflecting all abilities.

To plan opportunities to develop the social, emotional and cultural aspects of pupils’ learning.

To maintain a regular system of monitoring, assessment, record-keeping and reporting of children’s progress.

To prepare appropriate records for the transfer of pupils.

To ensure effective use of support staff within the classroom, including parent helpers.

To participate in staff meetings as required.

Contribute to the development and co-ordination of a particular area of the curriculum.

To be part of a whole school team, actively involved in decision-making on the preparation and development of policies and programmes of study, teaching materials, resources, methods of teaching and pastoral arrangements.

To ensure that school policies are reflected in daily practice.

To communicate and consult with parents over all aspects of their children’s education – academic, social and emotional.

To liaise with outside agencies when appropriate eg. Educational Psychologist.

To continue professional development, maintaining a portfolio of training undertaken.

To meet with parents and appropriate agencies, to contribute positively to the education of the children concerned.

To support the Headteacher in promoting the ethos of the school.

To promote the welfare of children and to support the school in safeguarding children though relevant policies and procedures.

To promote equality as an integral part of the role and to treat everyone with fairness and dignity.

To recognise health and safety is a responsibility of every employee, to take reasonable care of self and others and to comply with the Schools Health and Safety policy and any school-specific procedures / rules that apply to this role.

To nurture a relationship with each child and his/her parents.


5 days/week, 8 hours/day

$32,000 - $42,000

(based on experience)

Entry Level Secretary

Averroes High School is looking for a motivated, self-driven, and organized entry-level secretary! Applicant must be able to multi-task, properly prioritize tasks, and work in teams. Candidate should also have experience working with the youth and be a liaison between staff, parents, students, and community members.

Acts on behalf of assigned administrator(s) in their absence (e.g., questions, concerns, and complaints) for the purpose of conveying and/or gathering information required for their functions in a timely manner.

Administers first aid and prescription medications to students (under the direction of a health care professional) when the Health Technician is not available for the purpose of providing emergency and necessary care in compliance with established guidelines.

Collects payments for tuition as well as a variety of events (e.g., bus tickets, student council, lunch orders, donations, fines, fees, fundraisers) for the purpose of completing transactions and/or securing funds.

Compiles data from a variety of sources (e.g., time sheets, budget reports, specialized reports, personnel records) for the purpose of processing data in compliance with financial, legal and/or administrative requirements.

Composes a variety of documents (e.g., correspondence, agendas, minutes, newsletters, bulletins, reports) for the purpose of communicating information and/or creating documentation in conformance with established guidelines.

Coordinates a variety of projects, functions and/or program components (e.g., facility usage, guest teachers, meetings, in-service events, travel and accommodations) for the purpose of completing activities and/or delivering services in a timely fashion.

Coordinates daily substitute activities (certificated and uncertificated) for the purpose of ensuring that staff absences are covered in a timely manner and that student safety and educational process needs are met.

Maintains a wide variety of manual and electronic documents files and records (e.g., student registration data, student health forms, master calendar, budget data, employee records, financial records, reports) for the purpose of providing up-to-date information and/or historical reference in accordance with established administrative guidelines and legal requirements.

Monitors a variety of activities on behalf of assigned Administrator (e.g., account balances, work order status, Worker’s Compensation injuries, special projects, new teacher staffing, room assignments, maintenance work) for the purpose of achieving goals and meeting target dates.

Oversees day-to-day office workload at assigned school location for the purpose of ensuring the completion of activities in an accurate and timely manner.

Prepares a wide variety of reports, documents and correspondence of a confidential and non-confidential nature (e.g., letters, memorandums, meeting minutes, charts, operational procedures, manuals) for the purpose of documenting activities, providing written reference, and/or conveying information.

Processes documents and materials (e.g., time sheets, work orders, requisitions, travel reimbursements, budget transfers) for the purpose of disseminating information in compliance with program, district, state and/or federal requirements.

Procures supplies and materials for the purpose of maintaining availability of required items.

Researches a variety of topics (e.g., current practices, policies, education codes) for the purpose of providing information and/or recommendations and/or addressing a variety of administrative requirements.

Responds to inquiries from a variety of internal and external parties (e.g., staff, parents, students, public agencies) for the purpose of providing information or direction and/or facilitating communication among parties.

Supports Principal and other assigned administrative personnel for the purpose of providing assistance with their functions and responsibilities.

Works as a volunteer coordinator (with parent volunteers, community volunteers, and/or student co-ops).

Participates in a variety of meetings, workshops, and/or trainings for the purpose of providing or receiving information, recording minutes, and supporting the needs of the attendees.

Performs other related duties as assigned for the purpose of ensuring the efficient and effective functioning of the work unit.


5 days/week, 8 hours/day

$12/hr - $15/hr

(based on experience)

Part-Time Girls Coach

Averroes High School is looking for a motivated girls coach to coach soccer, basketball, or softball! Applicants must have experience with the youth and love being a teacher, mentor, and role-model and a willingness to work in teams.

Form a school team and identify teams leagues to compete in.

Should require practices 1-3 times a week depending on season.

Recruit students in and out of the school.

Committed to the Averroes Mission and Mission and have a profound respect and understanding of the Islamic faith.


Varies Depending on Season: 2-3 days/week, 2-4 hours/day

$12/hr - $18/hr

(based on experience)

Part-Time Driver

Job Purpose:
- To safely and responsibly transport students to/from school and various pickup locations in the Bay Area


Transport students in a safe and responsible manner to/from Averroes High School and various pickup locations in the Bay Area.

To maintain a clean driving record.

To maintain the cleanliness and general upkeep of the vans.


5 days/week, 3-4 hours/day