Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of common Frequently Asked Questions

Averroes High School is A-G approved which means students are able to apply for colleges and universities.Averroes is in the process of accreditation through WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges).We have completed the first stage and earned candidacy in June 2014 and are working toward accreditation by the end of 2015.

The University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) require entering freshmen to complete certain courses in high school. These courses are called the “a-g” courses because of the letter each subject area is assigned: “a” is for History/Social Science, “b” is for English, and so on. To receive “a-g” credit, a high school course must be certified through the UC course approval process.

Here is the list of “a-g”, with the number of years required in each subject. UC  recommends additional years in some areas as indicated.


a. History/Social Science (2 years)

b. English (4 years)

c. Mathematics (3 years, UC recommends 4)

d. Laboratory Science (2 years, UC recommends 3)

e. Language Other than English (2 years, UC recommends 3)

f. Visual/Performing Arts (1 year)

g. College Preparatory Elective (1 year)

We prefer students to apply in the freshmen year to experience the 4-year program in order to maximize potential. However, applications are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Therefore, while unlikely, it is possible for a student to enroll in the junior or senior year.

Yes, students graduating from Averroes High School can apply and attend a four-year university.However, please keep in mind that admission to university depends on many factors such as a student’s grades, extracurricular activities (ie: work, volunteer, community service, sports, etc.), along with standardized test (SAT/ACT) scores. We work closely with students in all three areas to help them match their desires with a program, university, work experience, or other channels. Students attending our school have been accepted to four-year universities.

Classes will be offered in Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Science, Physical Education, Fine Arts, Arabic,Islamic Studies, and Quran. Please visit the academic page for more details.

Students will be provided academic support. Students will be taught time management, stress relief and test taking skills. We have an on-site counselor to address the emotional and social needs of students.

Yes we offer AP Calculus (AB) and more to come. Our students can also take classes at the community colleges such as Ohlone, Mission, DeAnza and other local colleges.

Yes. We also offer scholarships and financial aid based on need. Please visit our financial aid section for more information.

First and foremost, we encourage students to develop a positive work ethic which prepares them for the real world. Students will be placed in internships in their junior and senior years. This will allow for an opportunity to experience the kind of work they would like to explore upon college graduation. Students also have the option of putting the money they have made directly into tuition payments.

Yes, there will be several assessments done by Averroes staff to ensure the student is prepared both academically and socially. There will also be a written examination offered by the college.

Most courses will transfer to a four-year university. We recommend talking to a college advisor to ensure transfer credits.

We encourage a high level of parental involvement at Averroes. We believe positive parental involvement is the backbone of successful education. Parents are required to volunteer a minimum of 4-6 hours a month.

Currently, we provide bus transportation to and from the south bay.

The tuition for the Fall 2015 school year is $13,700/yr. Scholarships and financial aid are available under certain conditions. For further information, please visit our financial aid and scholarship section.

No, only students in public high schools must take this exam in order to graduate. Private school students are not required to take this exam.

Averroes High School understands that along with grades and coursework, colleges consider SAT or ACT scores, or both. At the appropriate times, your child will be encouraged to take the SAT and ACT. They will also be given information on how to prepare for these examinations, whether it is an upcoming pretest, workshop or prep class.

Yes, we have made service learning an essential component of your child’s high school learning experience.

Your child’s teacher(s) will integrate community service into the curriculum through literature and projects. Students will also be placed in facilities of different backgrounds (Islamic charity, youth outreach, assisting the elderly, aiding the ill, etc.) There will also be a student reflection form and agency/supervisor evaluation forms that will be completed once your child fulfills each set of service hours.