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Averroes High School is dedicated to ensuring students receive the highest caliber of education. It goes without saying that a world-class educational institution requires funding to facilitate the execution of daily operations. Averroes High School tuition is calculated to run self-sufficiently; however, there are numerous student programs, Averroes High School is working on that require additional funding in order to function.


Many of you may have been blessed with highly appreciated stock. There are many benefits for you and Averroes if you donate these stocks. First, the stock donation would be an income tax deduction for you in the year it was donated. Second, you will not pay capital gains tax on the growth. By saving both taxes, you have increased the value of your donation by nearly 65%. You can give appreciated stock to Averroes High School. by simply transferring them into our account. The total value of the stock upon transfer is tax- deductible, and you will not pay any capital gains taxes on the appreciation. For many, this amounts to a 75% increase on tax savings! Contact us today to find out how to donate your stocks.


The growing AHS Endowment is essential for us to compete with top-tier academic institutions around the world. Growth is dependent on ongoing contributions from friends of AHS and eventually our successful alumni! Our initiative is to provide performance and benchmarks per the objectives established by the AHS Board of Directors. We look for this to become an important source of funding for scholarships, academic programs and other initiatives by Averroes High School.


Many of your employers have gift-matching programs. Companies match millions of dollars annually to many 501(c) (3) organizations and accredited educational institutions (including K-12). Most matches are between 50%-100% on all employee donations (with varying annual maximum
caps). Corporations also appreciate employees for their energy, enthusiasm and time spent working with schools and non-profits like Averroes High School. Every hour your spend with Averroes, your employee will donate accordingly. Please check with your HR department and contact us for any assistance or questions you may have.


A Will is one of the most important documents you'll ever write. With a Will in place, you decide what happens to your money and assets, while protecting the people and causes you care about the most. Keeping your Will up to date is important whether you're writing your Will for the first time or updating an existing one. We would welcome private and confidential conversations with our Board Member to see how Averroes may be a fit for you.