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Averroes High School is dedicated to developing well-informed, academic, responsible and compassionate young adults. We accomplish this by adhering to the highest moral beliefs, a rigorous curriculum, comprehensive teaching methodologies, student inquiry, and an environment conducive to learning

Educational Methodology

As part of the educational methodology, we believe in opening opportunities to understand what it means to problem-solve and think critically. We incorporate hands-on experiments, project-based learning, service learning, design thinking, collaborative work, discussions, and seminars that compliment the curriculum. All frameworks will be a combination of:

Individual, small group and whole group activities, instruction and assessment.

Multiple forms of media and technology for implementation and assessment.

Ninth Grade Tenth Grade Eleventh Grade Twelfth Grade
Arabic I Arabic II Arabic III Arabic IV
English Language Arts I:Literary Overview English Language Arts II:Cross Country Analysis & Comparison English Language Arts III:American Literature English Language Arts IV:World Literature
Elective:Appreciation of the Arts Mathematics:Algebra II Mathematics:Pre-Calculus Mathematics:Calculus
Mathematics:Geometry Physical Education II Physical Education III Physical Education IV
Physical Education I Project Innovation Project Innovation Science:Astronomy
Science:Biology Social Science:US History Social Science:US Government & Civics Social Science:Economics
Social Science:World Cultures and Geography Theology II:Understanding of Family and direct relation Theology III:Local communities Theology IV:Global communities and world religions
Theology I:Understanding of Self 2 College Courses 2 College Courses 2 College Courses
  • College prep courses start in 10th grade
  • Supplemental Quran Program

A-G Approved Courses

A-G refers to the high school courses required for entrance to the University of California and the California State University systems
English Language Arts 4 yrs 5
Mathematics 3 yrs 5
Social Sciences 3.5 yrs 4.5
Science 3 yrs 4
Foreign Language 3 yrs 4
Physical Education 4 yrs 4
Electives 1 yrs 4
Total 30.5

Electives and Extra Curriculums


Art -Drawing/Painting


Hand Drumming



Dual Enrollment – College Classes

Beginning in the 10th grade, as part of our college preparatory program, our students are encouraged to take classes at local community colleges.
Our students accumulate college credits similar to AP classes while attaining college experience. These classes are included in each student’s transcripts and weighted into their G.P.A.

College Credits

Mission / Ohlone College / Evergreen / Laney

College Prep


College Essay Writing support

College Tours

College Application Support