Islamic studies at Averroes High Schools aims to empower students with the knowledge that helps them navigate confidently in our society as American Muslims. The Islamic studies curriculum has been conceptualized by the team at Averroes High School and Imam Tahir Anwar and Sheikh Aladin Albakri. The four year program covers traditional and contemporary subjects and is designed for students to achieve the following objectives

  • To understand the true beliefs and practices of Islam.
  • To build a stronger relationship with God, the Quran and the Prophet PBUH.
  • To attain the tools to be critical followers of Islam that choose power and greed in the name of religion.
  • To instill pride in being Muslim American through knowing the American History and heritage as well as their Islamic history and heritage.
  • To empower students to be confident in their ability to engage in multifaith conversations and celebrate all people of God.

The following modules are offered to students throughout the four year program:

The Life of the Prophet PBUH:

Students will learn and engage with the life of the Prophet Mohammad PBUH across the four year program. Each year, the module will focus on a time period in the life of the Prophet PBUH and students will engage in critical discussions around the lessons to be learned from his life PBUH.

Interpretation of the Quran:

Each year students will engage with verses of the Quran that have been proposed and selected based on the developmental needs of students.


Students will learn about the Islamic jurisprudence on a range of issues pertaining to purification, prayer, fasting, hajj, marriage, transactions, death and funerals.

Six Articles of Faith:

Each year students will learn and be reminded of the tenants of the Islamic faith: believing in God, destiny, the Books, Angels, divine destiny and the day of judgement.


Students will engage with texts of Shaykh ‘Abdul Fattah Abu Ghuddah on Islamic Manners and the Translation and Commentary of Imām Mawlūd's Purification of the heart by Hamza Yusuf. Students will engage with these texts while selecting the topics of their choice for discussion in each unit.

Comparative religion:

Each year, students will immerse themselves in a comparative study of Christianity, Judaism, New-age atheism and scientology. This unit aims to empower students with knowledge around their faith and understanding of the community at large.

Sermon delivery:

Students will learn about the etiquette of sermon delivery in Friday prayers. Students will learn about the format and requirements for a sermon delivery as well as the method of delivering a sermon.

Principles of Jurisprudence and the Sciences of the Quran:

Students will be given a light introduction to the principles of jurisprudence and the sciences of the Quran to empower them to engage with texts and their environments with a more critical lens.

Contemporary Issues:

Students will have the opportunity to hear about and discuss contemporary issues that young American Muslims grapple with in society. Topics will vary each year to be line with current events.

Averroes High School also offers a Quran Memorization Club for students of different Arabic-reading abilities.