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College Prep

College Prep

With experienced staff who support our students in the college process we offer a robust support system for our students to get into college.  From counseling, to SAT prep, and Essay writing critique, at Averroes we will work with you to make sure you get into the college that best suits you!


Our Freshman students begin by creating a four-year road map to chart out their four years at Averroes that will help them achieve their career/future goals. This includes academic, personal, and extra-curricular goals. Students meet one-on-one with the school counselor and with their respective advisors to identify their goals and ensure they are on track to meet their goals. Tangible benchmarks are set throughout each year, which allows them to assess and re-examine the roadmap. This also allows students to plan for their college classes and summer activities. The roadmap is shared with parents, teachers, as well as students to provide clarity and to allow everyone involved to be able to refer to it on a regular basis and support the students in achieving their goals.

SAT Prep

As a college preparatory institution Averroes seeks to give our students' all the necessary skills and tools to prepare and get them into the college or university of their choice. This year Averroes is piloting an integrated SAT boot camp for the Junior class. The boot camp will be for the duration of the spring trimester and take place at school during normal school hours. The junior class will spend the first half of their day taking their normal high school classes, and after lunch will attend the SAT class. The class will use a tried and tested curriculum which focuses on taking practice SAT tests, building core English and Math foundations, and essay writing. Our instructor has taught this class to hundreds of students, and students see an average increase of over 200 points on their SAT scores.