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Project Innovation

Project Innovation is offered at 11th grade to give students the hands on approach to critical thinking and problem solving skills. In this class, students learn and use a methodology of inquiry called “Design Thinking” which is an orientation toward learning that encompasses active problem-solving and believing in one’s ability to create impactful change.Students start the year by learning and applying the protocol of design thinking to joint class challenges and then move on to work individually towards solving challenges around them.

World History: Striving for Social Justice - 12th Grade

As the culminating seminar, students come to terms of the concept social justice. The goal of the seminar is for the students to come up with a working definition of social justice that the students attune to and in turn strive towards. As part of this seminar student will:

  • Learn about how systems of oppression have been institutionalized
  • Be introduced to different plights for social justice locally, nationally, and internationally
  • Know themselves to be agents of change